Recyclers are a common style of concentrate water pipes that are made to recycle the smoke in a second chamber and bring it in a loop that goes back through the original Klein Recyclerchamber, which is then going to filter the smoke again. The diffusion here is remarkable, of course.

Recyclers are made to better filter your smoke and allow you to pull in even more smoke. The wax rigs on recyclers have one major and crucial difference: an additional chamber that funnels water and smoke from the second chamber and back to the original chamber. 

Recyclers are made to keep smoke and water moving in a circle throughout your pipe, meaning that your smoke is going to be exceptionally filtered and you are going to be able to get bigger hits than you ever thought were ever possible.

How Recycler Pipes Work

Recycler pipes work when the smoke that is sucked from the perculator through a portion of the piece is then dumped into a larger section where the smoke in the bubbles will pop. The smoke then continues through the mouthpiece while the water will fall down back into the base water holding section of the pipe. This process means that the smoke is brought through a loop and filtered again. The smoke is essentially pulled through both sections of the pipe an infinite number of times.

Well, infinite may be a bit strong, but the point is that the filtration is amazing. Check it out in action:


Inline recycler water test

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Main Points of Recyclers

  • You get more contact of the vapor with water which will then draw the heat from the vapor
  • You get less air volume for the vapor to stay in, which will give it less time for it to go stale
  • The bubbles are being popped closer to your mouth, which will help to savor the taste of the product you are vaporizing

Hits from a Recycler

If you have not used a recycler, most people who own one are going to tell you that they love it.  A recycler is going to provide you with hits that are:

  • Smoother
  • Cooler
  • More flavorful

Recyclers vs. Other Concentrate Rigs

A recycler is an improvement over standard concentrate rigs because you get hits that are going to be smoother and cooler because in a recycler rig, your smoke has longer a contact with the water during recycling, which is going to allow it have an easier time in the cooling process. Recyclers are also going to give you more flavorful hits because the water is going to continue to percolate and bubble near the bottom of the neck, which is going to allow the natural flavors of the concentrate to bubble closer to your mouth.

Recycler Maintenance

You need to make sure to keep your recycler clean in order for it to last and you also want to keep it clean if you want it to function that way it should. You can easily keep the recycler clean by performing a salt and alcohol swish to get rid of any accumulation on your glass. 

There are certain styles of recyclers where you will need to purchase a slender pipe cleaning brush or scrubber in order to keep the recycler clean.  Many times, a lot of the grime is going to go away as you smoke because of the motion and water flow in a recycler; you just need to make sure that you change your water out.

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